Next Gen Drive

Buro 24/7, September 2016

Leave it to Mercedes to come up all class when it comes to electronic auto-tech. Presenting here the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6: a 5.63metre-long sleek dream of technology and power which was revealed at Monterey Car Week and is set to be again shown today at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance car event. It is, without a doubt, the most talked about reveal of the week.

The 2-door, all-wheel drive coupe boasts a long, aerodynamic boat tail that adds up to a length not unlike the big cars of mid-century Americana-auto past, which is, if anything, a tell of what to expect in the aero coupe sector. From the rear it could be mistaken for some kind of fastback from an alternative retro-future- not unlike a 1963 Corvette C2, if you want to get your classic car geek on.

Despite its concept status, the German company has declared that the Mercedes-Maybach 6 is becoming a reality. It will boast a whopping 750-horsepower (550kW in Australian terms) via an electronic engine with a range of 322kms and an 80kW battery.

As for the jump - it's said to be able to dash from 0-100km/h in 4 seconds. Sit on that for a second, and keep in mind, this is a petrol-free car. Inside, there's a plush elm wood trim, leather seats and a digital overlay across the windscreen and on the outside, it features Mercedes-Benz' iconic gullwing doors - which Mercedes was doing long before Lamborghini (from 1952, actually). This is the future of luxury auto in a greener world, and damn, it's sexy.