TL;DR:Some days, I work as a creative strategist, writer, journalist, cultural navigator and researcher; and on others, a speaker or content strategy,trends and futures consultant.

I solve problems, bring clarity to the future and tell stories. I do this using a multidisciplinary and future-centric approach that is centred around the business of culture  and things that move us intellectually, physically and emotionally.

My expertise crosses cars and mobility, tech and internet culture, sustainability, design, brand stories, behaviour and consumer trends. As well as travel, music, film, youth culture, fashion, booze, sex, beauty, wellness, luxury, human stories and other lifestyle sundries.

Mostly, I look for the  interesting and impactful patterns that occur when the above things intersect, and help others to understand  how these signals impact our world.
I have more than fifteen years’ experience working in media, where I have worked with some of the most prestigious brands in the world. This includes Vogue, GQ, Robb Report, Harper’s BAZAAR, ELLE, Wheels, evo, The Guardian, Type 7, Lamborghini, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Diageo, Unileaver and more.  

Click here to see a sample list of my past/present clients.

In my consulting work, I offer meaningful, creative solutions to problems, concepts, strategies and narratives. I produce trend reports, whitepapers, presentations and have facilitated insight reports for a range of brands/agencies, including WGSN,  The Future Laboratory and major OEMs.  Sometimes, I work in the speculative futures space too. 

Right now, I’m leading creative strategy at a media and tech startup, across brand, commercial and content. I also head up the product direction, management and strategy of a new tech product currently in development (👀).

I write about things that go fast in   evo Australia, where I’m a columnist and contributing editor of future-focused evolution section.

Here, I write about the future of automotive, performance cars, car culture, industrial design, technology, customer behaviour, sustainability and watches. These pages proudly promote underrepresented voices from within the industry and car communites.  And in over two years, I’ve only mentioned Elon Musk thrice.

I’ve been a contributor to VOGUE Australia, Vogue Living and GQ Australia for almost a decade, where I’ve written features that range from celebrity cover stories to TikTok’s early influence on the music industry, industrial design, fashion, robot therapy, the Metaverse, Web3, internet, consumer trends and the arts. 

In a previous life, I was the Culture and Lifestyle Editor and Beauty Writer at Harper's BAZAAR Australia, Beauty Writer at Grazia and acting Features Director and Contributing Drive Editor at ELLE Australia. I’ve also been a three-time Wheels Car Of the Year (COTY) judge and was the founding editor of the ELLE Green Drive Awards, an industry-first award for sustinable mobility (prior to the print edition’s local closure).

I love a chat which has led me to present keynotes and talks, and host and moderate panel disscussions for the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Semi Permanent, High Snobiety and more. Video isn’t my forte but I have worked as a presenter on a commercial network television car show and was once nominated for an industry award for character acting after I voiced a salty cockatoo in a detective-noir video game called Stone

Finally, I’m a passionate advocate for the importance of uplifitng community and the dismantling the insipid culture of sexism, racism and transphobia that still (!) exists within the motoring industry. This is why I have also been on boards and am a proud (pro-bono) member of initatives like the Lamborghini Female Advisory Board (FAB) and Ferrari Australia's Driven Women initiative.

Read this far and want to work with me? Great. My personal values are empathy, inclusion and betterment.
I’m open to new work opportunities, connections, community introductions and cups of tea, so long as those values are respected. 

Send me an electronic note at noelle at noellefaulkner dot com or find me on the internet.