I’m a creative generalist working in media, mobility, futures + culture.

That means, some days I work as a creative strategist and others, a writer, journalist, cultural navigator, researcher, speaker/host or consultant.

my professional practice sits at the intersection of things that move + things that move us.
my personal projects explore feelings, vibes, dystopias and escapism.

here, you’ll find a selection of my written work and projects, and over on the about section, an unnecessarily  long explainer of what I do. 

And while yes, it resides on the interwebs, this website was made on the traditional land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation where I work and live. It is Aboriginal land, it always was and always will be.

 If it’s answers you seek (and can’t find here),  ask or say hello to me via the many notification portals that have a stronghold over my life.